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The 365 Producer Programs combine Music Education & Professional Production Support to offer the most inspiring, collaborative and hands-on artist development experience on the West Coast. We offer artists 12 month-long in-studio Music Producer and Audio Engineering training courses complemented with a professional producing and engineering staff to help artist develop their productions throughout the year. Our Full Experience provides everyone from beginner to expert, the opportunity to have a successful and productive production experience.


    Music Production Education

    Year 1 - $2,500/quarter
    Audio Engineering I Audio Engineering II Working with Sound Acoustic Treatment Microphones Recording Techniques Preamps Dynamics Equalization Music Theory Digital Audio The Mix Console
    Synthesis I Synthesis II Samplers I Samplers II Midi Sequencing Midi Effects Finger Drumming Audio Effects Audio Effects II Sound Design I Sound Design II Sound Design III
    Q3 - MIXING
    Audio Editing & Mixing Panoramic Spectrum Saturation & Re-amping Dynamic Mix Techniques Dynamic Mix Techniques II EQ Mix Techniques I EQ Mix Techniques II Reverb Techniques Delay Techniques Time Domain & Modulation Automation & Mixing Mastering
    DJing & Performance Using Rekordbox DJing with Ableton DJing with CDJ’s Protecting your Music Sync & Licensing Publishing Distribution Creating a Brand Visuals & Artwork Music Video Concepts Marketing your Product

    Music Production Support

    Year 2 - $2,500/quarter
    With Production Support you get One-on-One Support for your Music. Each artist is guided by a working producer to excel and grow as they create.
    Production Support means Studio Time. You will have access to thousands of dollars worth of time in professional studios.
    Our experience labs (X-Labs) set us apart. Producers work in small groups with expert mentors who work in the industry.
    Our studio gear is top of the line. You will have access to the best recording and mixing gear in the world hands down.

365 ProducerFull Experience

During the 365 Producer Full Experience, artists are learning in world class studios with the guidance of professionals hired to bring their creativity to the next level. Our unique approach of combining top tier education and professional production support helps develop an artist's creative vision, production skills and performance much faster than any other program.

365 ProducerEducation

The 365 Producer educational programs are available year-round. Our class sizes are small and hands-on allowing each student to receive individualized attention and focus. Each course includes essential skills and techniques to make professional-grade music. We enroll new students in Jan, April, July & Sept - early enrollment is often required to secure your seat in class.

Sign up for single courses ($1250) or a full quarter (three months $2500) for the best value!

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Course 01

• The Fundamentals of Sound is about how sound works. These lessons are essential for any effective producer or engineer.
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Course 02

• Microphones & Pre-amps is all about the tools we use to capture great audio. From compression, gating, and side chaining students will learn all the important techniques.
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Course 03

• In EQ, Mixing, & MIDI you'll learn all about mix consoles, patch bays, automation, and much more.
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Course 04

• Synths & Samplers is all about two of the most important tools in modern music. You'll learn how to use synthesizers and samplers with the same techniques used by today's top producers.
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Course 05

• Basic Beat Programming is all about making the sickest beats just like the pros. You'll learn how to use a variety of tools to make beats from a variety of genres from Dupstep to Hip Hop.
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Course 06

• Sound design is a course about how we as producers create new and interesting sonic experiences. From the session design to the creation of new sounds, you'll learn how to think like a professional producer.
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Course 07

• In Intro to Mixing you'll learn about the process of editing and mixing a recording. Lessons include concepts such as panorama, saturation, and harmonic distortion: all concepts essential to ensure you get a properly mixed track.
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Course 08

• In Advanced EQ you'll learn the finer points of equalizing frequencies in your tracks. You'll know how to properly use multiband compressors, dynamic EQs, and mastering limiters.
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Course 09

• Advanced Mixing and Mastering takes you to the next level to finish your recordings. You'll learn the advanced techniques that will set you apart from other producers.
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Course 10

• DJ Fundamentals is all about mixing it up! Learn the essential tools and techniques of the professional DJ. In these lessons you'll learn how to match songs on the fly and how to design a DJ set for maximum impact.
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Course 11

• In Music Business 101 you'll learn how to make the most with the music you love to make. These lessons give a great overview of the ways you can protect your music, license it, and ultimately make money.
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Course 12

• In Visual Art you'll learn how the ear can support your music. From classic album covers to the hottest new music videos, if you want to show off your work visual art is a must. Our brand experts will teach you how to identify your own unique brand.
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Project Labs

A collaborative environment hosted by an experienced audio professional who guides the producer through every step of the production process to develop a 3-5 song EP.

Studio Access

Work in a world-class studio as you develop your music. 20-hours studio recording time with a professional engineer (Equivalent of $2000 dollars of studio time).

Dedicated Project Manager

Project Managers track the pace of their Producers’ progress, providing feedback and direction along the way. This allows for creativity with less setbacks.

Mixing & Mastering

Indigital’s professional mix engineers will do the the full mix/master process for 4-songs for your EP.

Recording with Pro Engineers

Receive an equivalent of $2000 of recording time with our professional recording engineers recording on the best equipment in the industry.


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We are standing by to answer any questions you may have about our company or our program. Please contact us at 855-732-6738 or [email protected] to schedule a tour of our studios or to sit in on one of our classes.

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365 Producer is a division of Indigital, LLC. We are a community of creatives, educators and artists. We have worked with many fortune 500 companies and top selling artists to produce great ideas and content.

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The 365 Experience

The 365 Producer programs offer both education, production, and a combined package. There are no prerequisites for any of our programs. We do advise that you speak with a represenative prior to committing to any particular course. We want to ensure that all our students have a productive time at 365 Producer.