365 New Member – Orientation

Hey Creative World,
We have just launched our new 365 Producer online platform! While we are Beta testing we are offering access to our online curriculum for free.
To start a new account on www.365producer.com, click on “Join Free” and register your account.
New Members will be able to access all 12 of our courses, as well as register for our labs this month, and book one hour of studio time! All FREE this month, as we test out our new model / community platform.
Come October we will be offering a few different membership levels, lot of cool events, hands on labs, private Skype lessons and of course a lot more access to the studio. We have a lot of new courses and labs coming soon including: Video Production Basics, Social Influencer / Youtube courses, Graphic Design, Marketing, and much much more.
Please feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions or register for our New Member Orientation every Saturday 4PM – 6PM!
We will see you in the studio!
Chris Cottingham
365 / Indigital
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