Audio Engineering – Complete Package


Immerse yourself in audio engineering with our flagship audio engineering package. Delve deep into your creative side and discover how to run a session in a professional studio. Students can look forward to be taken right through Pro-Tools or Ableton Live’s capabilities and shown powerful audio engineering tips, tricks and techniques. Learn about recording with professional microphones, preamps, and compressors as well as how to mix and master your tracks for a radio ready sound.

  • Duration: 20 x 90 minute sessions (1 x session per week recommended)
  • Course type: In-Studio, Small Class
  • Course requirements: Own laptop, Pro-Tools, Ableton Live Suite
  • Course prerequisites: None
  • Package: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Audio Engineering
  • Deal: 20 x sessions for the price of 18


Course Overview
The Complete Audio Engineering Package includes all techniques and training from the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Audio Engineering Courses, giving students a comprehensive experience and wealth of knowledge into the world of Audio Engineering and Studio operation. Broken in to these three modules students will be assessed along the way to ensure the practices have been completely absorbed.

Students will be working in Pro-Tools & Ableton Live for the duration of the course. Pro-Tools is the industry standard software used in most professional recording studios. Pro-Tools is used for everything audio from producing audio books to multitrack recording & quick editing. Advanced Pro-Tools operation includes learning the ins and outs of plugins, Dynamics, EQ, Mixing, and Mastering. Live is software used for music production, creation and performance. With Live’s revolutionary session view making it possible to produce and perform your ideas in real time. Learn about music theory, sound design, remixing, sampling and more, integrating software, midi controllers and hardware synthesizers.

MODULE 1: Beginner Audio Engineering (4 x 90 minute sessions)

Learn to be comfortable with the DAW. In this module we develop practical skills to help with your workflow in producing music. Students will be exposed to essential tools, begin developing their musical ideas and shown how the creative process can be sped up using a few simple techniques. Students will be delving into pro-tools mix and edit window, recording and building all their musical ideas from scratch.

MODULE 2: Intermediate Audio Engineering (8 x 90 minute sessions)

Further your skills as an audio engineer as you start to discover how to capture your sound. Students will be introduced to the world of studio recording and operation. Learn the power of Pro-Tools and DAW multitrack recording and how to capture the best sound. Start arranging your music and working more with audio. This powerful module will unleash some of the studios hidden tips and tricks used by professional audio engineers.

MODULE 3: Advanced Audio Engineering (8 x 90 minute sessions)

Our flagship module diving deep into more advanced Audio Engineering techniques. Advanced Audio Engineering is where we add the much final editing and mixing techniques. We’ll be focusing on essential techniques to create radio ready mixes that can hold their own in the major market of music. Our Advanced Audio Engineering course is designed for the audiophile ninjas looking to further their already vast knowledge of audio engineering & music production.


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