Intro Producer


Our taster producer course for the curious, but not convinced. The perfect opportunity for students looking for an understanding of potential creative possibilities. Students will be learning in Ableton Live through the duration of the course, software used for music production, creation and performance.

  • Duration: 1 x 90 minute sessions
  • Course type: Small Class
  • Course requirements: None
  • Course prerequisites: None


Course Outline

In this Introductory course students will get an overview of Live’s platform, capabilities and how to navigate through the program. Learn how to instantly start making music and beginning the creative process.

Students will be working in Ableton Live for the duration of the course. Live is software used for music production, creation and performance. With Live’s revolutionary session view making it possible to produce and perform your ideas in real time.

  • Overview of Ableton Live’s platform
  • Session view
  • Arrangement view
  • Creative concepts
  • Basic workflow and structure


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